Tasty feed

DrRodents Feed

for rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles

DrRodents pelleted feed for guinea pigs and rabbits is a delicious part of your pet’s daily diet. We also make expert veterinary feeds and rescue feeds.

Feed in pellet form

Why is pelleted or granulated feed better for rabbits and guinea pigs?

karma pelet dla królika świnki
No fussiness

A pelleted feed does not allow your pet to choose only the ingredients he or she likes best, but enforces a balanced diet.

Teeth hygiene

The hard pellets help to wear down the teeth, which is very important for rabbits and guinea pigs whose teeth grow throughout their lives.

Healthy ratio

Pellet food contains the right proportions of all nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Wide range

Feed for various needs

Dr. Rodents feeds are the perfect feed for guinea pigs, rabbits and also reptiles. Our product lines: Rescue Food, Vetdiet and SmartDiet. The recipes have been developed by Belgian small animal specialists. The feeds are produced in Poland, the individual ingredients come from the best suppliers. They have been tested by befriended veterinarians.

karma dla świnki morskiej drrodents smartdiet 500g
Karma VetDiet dla królika
karma ratunkowa drrodents 100g

Feed for rabbits

Feed for guinea pigs