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DrRodents product line was created in response to the demand for high quality feed for rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles by veterinarians, breeders and pet owners. From the beginning we put great emphasis on the quality of ingredients and proper proportions. DrRodents feeds are produced in Poland and the recipes have been created especially for us by Belgian specialists in the field of small animals.

  • Dr Rodents Rescue feed for rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles

    1,40 42,28  gross
  • Dr Rodents SmartDiet feed for guinea pigs

    3,33 29,71  gross
  • Dr Rodents VetDiet feed for dwarf rabbits

    3,58 55,61  gross
  • Karma dla królika miniaturki Dr Rodents SmartDiet

    13,00 174,70  gross
  • VetDiet specialized feed for guinea pigs

    3,58 55,61  gross