Dr Rodents Rescue feed for rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles

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Dr. Rodents rescue feed is designed for inappetent and weakened animals such as dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles after various types of surgery. It is easily mixed with water to form a ready-to-go liquid feed.

Dr. Rodents rescue feed ingredients:

  • dried grass
  • dried alfalfa
  • bran
  • calcium gluconate

Additives: vitamin C

Analytical ingredients in 100 g of feed:

  • protein approx. 13.5%
  • crude oils and fats approx. 4.4%
  • crude fibre approx. 20.07%
  • crude ash approx. 6.5%


For preparation use warm water at a ratio of 1:1.5 (powder + water). From 200 g tin can be prepared up to 800 ml of ready feed.
The consistency and amount of feed can be individually adjusted depending on the age and size of the animal.
The daily ration should be divided into 3-5 feedings. The recommended duration of feeding is approximately 7 days or until health improves.

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