Dr Rodents VetDiet feed for dwarf rabbits

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Feed for miniature rabbits in pellet form. The high proportion of fiber in Dr Rodents feeds reduces overgrowth of incisors and molars, stimulates peristalsis in the small intestine and prevents constipation. Optimal protein, minerals, calcium-phosphorus ratio, kidney function, heart function, wound healing, nervous system function, and muscle stimulation. The reduced calcium and oxalate content can inhibit the development of kidney stones in miniature rabbits. The feed contains natural pro-vitamin A (beta carotene) found in carrots, and with the addition of vegetables and fruits such as peas, apples and a mixture of grasses including corn, the veterinary feed is not only nutritious but also tasty.

karma pelet dla królika świnki

Pellet feed for dwarf rabbit

Why should you choose Dr Rodents pellet feed?

Pellet feed, also called granulate, for dwarf rabbits is produced in Poland from ingredients of the best quality. The feed formula has been developed especially for us by Belgian specialists for small animals. The pelleted feed does not allow the animal to choose only the ingredients it likes best, but forces it to eat a balanced diet. The hard pellets help to wear down the teeth, which is very important for rabbits, whose teeth grow throughout their lives. Pelleted feed contains the right proportions of all nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Feed ingredients for dwarf rabbits


  • Dried grass – is a source of dietary fiber, the lack of which is manifested by bloating, constipation and poor health, and in the long run leads to dental overgrowth and inflammation throughout the oral cavity.
  • Dried alfalfa – apart from vitamins B, C, D, E, K and minerals such as calcium, silicon, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, alfalfa is a source of protein. The fluorine contained in it protects teeth against cavities and prevents periodontitis.
  • Dried carrot (root) – is pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene), which has a positive effect on the eyesight, strengthens the immune system, lowers the cholesterol level, slows down the ageing process (antioxidant properties) and improves the flavor of Dr Rodents VetDiet pellet feed for dwarf rabbits.
  • Oat bran – a valuable source of fiber, beta-glucans, unsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid; has a positive effect on the condition of blood vessels (reduces the risk of fatty deposits inside the blood vessels). Thanks to B vitamins (especially B6 and B12), it has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system, including the brain.
  • Pea flakes – provide easily absorbable protein, insoluble as well as soluble fiber and chlorophyll. It contains a lot of vitamins. A characteristic of pea flakes is their attractive taste for dwarf rabbits, which additionally influences them to want to eat Dr Rodents feed.
  • Corn flakes – It is an additive responsible for the energy value of the pig food; in small quantities as an ingredient of dwarf rabbits pellets – it supplies energy and thanks to it our pet has more strength for play.
  • Dried apple – reduces the risk of digestive problems, such as diarrhea, gastritis and intestinal infections. Due to the relatively high content of monosaccharides, the amount of apples in a rabbit’s diet should be small and under strict control.
  • Dried parsley – a flavor and aroma additive with a high content of vitamin C.
  • Dried narrow-leaf plantain – in addition to minerals, supplements the deficiency of vitamins C and K in the daily diet.
  • Linseed oil – is a must in the diet of dwarf rabbits. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and enhances the absorption of nutrients, mainly vitamins.
  • Calcium carbonate – has a beneficial effect on the skeletal system, which is especially important during growth because it prevents skeletal deformities.

Dosage of dwarf rabbits feed

It is assumed that pellet feed should make up between 15% and 20% of the daily volume of food consumed by your pet. The amount should be adjusted according to the appetite and health of the individual animal. It is recommended to divide the total feed for the day into 2 or 3 portions. Rabbits are gluttons and will eat anything you give them, so don’t exaggerate with the amount of food.

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